• Personal room, Private Movie show, a dedicated Butler, a 4-star Hotel and the love of your life besides you. Isn’t sounding dreamy or extra expensive? Not anymore, with us, you can enjoy all of this at very affordable prices.
  • Watching movies is almost every week’s story for couples, but the satisfaction of watching your favorite romantic movie with your partner in a private room is something can’t be compared to any pleasure.

What we'll provide:

  • Private hall with candle and rose petals decoration
  • Screening of your movie on a projector screen
  • 3 course north indian lunch/ dinner - 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 desserts (veg and non-veg options)
  • Private butler


  • Ample car parking is available at the restaurant.
  • You should bring your own movie.

Where we'll be:


Monday01 PM to 11 PM
Sunday01 PM to 11 PM
Wednesday01 PM to 11 PM
Saturday01 PM to 11 PM
Thursday01 PM to 11 PM
Friday01 PM to 11 PM
Tuesday01 PM to 11 PM