10 Most Adorable Ways that would make him feel special this Valentine’s Day.

February is undeniably the foremost romantic month of the year. The weather is gorgeous and love is with in the air! While everyday may be a day of affection when your boyfriend or partner is around, but if you are contemplated to try to do something special on 14th February, well, because St. Valentine said so. If you’re confused about what to try to for him then we’ve some adorable solutions which will make him go gaga!


Here are a couple of ways you’ll make Valentine’s day SUPER special for him.


  1. Cook Him His Favourite Meal

Going for fancy dinners at expensive restaurants is so last year! Nothing will make your man go giddy over a home-cooked meal for 2 . Especially when it’s cooked by you. The way to win a man’s heart goes through his stomach, remember? And since you already know the way through his  heart, be sure that you succeed in creating an indelible impression with every bite he takes making his Valentine Day special .


  1. Be The One Taking In Charge This Year


Yes, we know, it’s usually the women who are on the receiving end of special ( cliche) gifts. But we’ve never been good at following rules. Do a quick research and send him an enormous bouquet of red roses to his office. He may act all embarrassed, but we all know he’ll love the love you showered upon him, after all it’s Valentine’s Day.


  1. Plan a Romantic game 

Little bit of adventure and much of cuddling. this could be your template for the game . Smartly sneak during a present at the last , in order that he really redeems it. One among the simplest Valentine’s day gifts you’ll get him is his favorite scent.


  1. Write a Whimsical Poem For Him

If your guy appreciates your creative side, then spend a while and energy to write down him a bit he’ll love. Sure, this is often not a simple thing to try to to but regardless of what the result would be , he will surely appreciate the hard work you did for him. You can obviously take the help from Google and come up with a poem which will make him fall in love head over heels with you!


  1. Create a Candy Jar crammed with Happiness!


Buy a Mason jar and fill it up with heart shaped candies along with little notes on why you’re in Love with him. It can simply be – 14 reasons why he’s the best partner ever! Guys enjoy a bit of attention every now and then and this may be the right moment to shower him with some.


  1. Get Crafty With the cardboard 


Whether you’ve been dating him for a short time or it’s a fresh relationship, or a long term relationship a personalized card is best to go! What’s even better? That you actually create it from scratch. Try making a collage of all of your pictures, ranging from the day you started dating. Taking him down memory lane is one of the best ways of making him show that you care!


  1. Plan An Unforgettable Experience With Him

Has your partner always wanted to do adventure sports with you? This Valentine’s day you’ll step in and fulfill his fantasy by booking an experience that he will always remember . Also, this way, he’ll know that you simply really hear him when he talks about his hopes and dreams. Double win!


  1. Pamper Him With a Massage
Couple massage

Instead of simply making a meeting at a massage parlour, create a spa-like environment in your room with scented candles and rose petals. Giving a massage is that the best thanks to develop a mushy intimacy together with your spouse rejuvenating him while playing on some romantic and soothing music.


  1. An Impromptu Getaway!


Wouldn’t it be a great idea  if he just tells you to pack your bags and meet him outside your house? Well, turn the tables and ask him to try to to that! Plan a special getaway for him this Valentine’s weekend and spend some good quality time together. Picture the serene environment with just the 2 of you! 


  1. Show Some Social Media Love!


Valentine’s day is that just one occasion you’ll unabashedly show some PDA, that you simply wouldn’t otherwise. Show him what proportion you’re keen on and care about him by posting an adorable throwback video on Facebook. Or post a series of images to point out how you two have come an extended way. It just shows how proud you’re to possess him in your life! .