5 Adorable Ways to make her feel special on Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a traditional Hindu festival celebrated by married couples, especially women. On this auspicious day, married women observe a day-long fast from sunrise to the moonrise. This year, Karwa Chauth will be celebrated on 1st November 2023, Wednesday. 

Nowadays, both married women and men observe this fast strengthening the bond between them, as they express their love and devotion for each other. 

While every day may be a day of affection when your partner is around, you must plan something special for her on Karwa Chauth. If you are confused about how to surprise her on Karwa Chauth, here is a list of heartwarming ideas. You can also plan Karwa Chauth surprises for your husband with the same ideas. Make the day super special for him or her with us! 

  1. Cooking their Favourite Meal

Nothing will make your lady love feel more surprised than a home-cooked meal by you! As she is fasting for you for the whole day, this would be a simple gesture to show love and care. Every bite she takes will make the celebration more special. If you feel that cooking would be a tough task, simply order her favourite food items, place them on the table all by yourself, let her relax and enjoy the meal. Arrange the dinner in whichever way you want. So, if you aren’t fasting alongside her, make sure you surprise her with a delicious meal on the table. 

  1. Pampering with Fresh Flowers and Love Jar

Get them a scintillating bouquet of romantic red roses to show that you really care! This might feel simple, but we all know that it will make her smile. Another thing is making a jar of love! For this, you will need a transparent glass jar, fill it with heart-shaped candies and little love notes. The notes can be about “14 reasons why she’s the best partner ever” or something like that. Shower her with the same love and attention with this little effort. Keep both the gifts on her bedside by the night. 

  1. Write a Whimsical Love Letter 

If your girl appreciates your creative side, then spend a while writing down something she will love. Sure, this is not a simple thing to try but regardless of what the result would be, she will surely appreciate the effort you made for her. You just need to make a heartfelt confession. You can craft a personalized greeting card for her with your pictures together, taking her down memory lane. 

  1. Plan an Unforgettable Date Night for her

Take her on a surprise candlelight dinner with an enchanting setting. You can plan a private dinner on the rooftop, in a cabana, beside the pool or in the garden area. Another idea is to plan a romantic surprise at home with decoration in the bedroom. Use fresh flowers, scented candles, golden lights, soft music and so on to create the aura. 

  1. Show Some Social Media Love

Show her all your care by posting an adorable picture together of this special day. Make sure that even you get ready for her and click beautiful pictures together. Colour coordinate with each other or wear traditional clothes to make this day memorable. 

These were some adorable Karwa Chauth surprise ideas for your wife or husband. Choose the one you think they would like the most. Make sure that you do something if you aren’t fasting along!