10 Signs Your Partner Is Taking You For Granted 

Yes, relationships are precious but do not ignore the red flags while dating someone. Mutual love, understanding and respect are a must for any relationship to grow good. If you feel like something is lacking between you 2 then it might be that your partner is taking you for granted. And if you clearly have this feeling, here are a few signs that say the same. 

  • They are thankless and your feelings don’t matter a lot to them. 
  • They hardly make time to see you because you are not their priority. 
  • Plans are made as per their convenience only. 
  • Adjustment and compromise are all your thing. 
  • You are the 1 who is always sorry after every argument.
  • They criticize you a lot. 
  • You hardly know about their life, family and friends. 
  • Effort lacks drastically by their end. 
  • You feel that they treat others better than you. 
  • They always come up with demands. 

Now that you have noticed these signs in your partner, there is no point in wasting more time with them. Either confront and talk to them about all this or leave them. Talk to each other honestly and decide wisely. In case you both decide to move forward together, keep noticing little things for some time. If everything feels fine, keep growing else be prepared to take the right step.