5 Inexpensive Ways to Rekindle the Spark of Love

In the words of a renowned Marriage and Family Therapist, its human nature to become complacent and to take people for granted as time passes. But the good news is that the spark of love, appreciation, and compassion can be reignited and you need not have to spend fortunes for the same.

Stoke the fire of love and enhance your relationship through these 5 simple ways and stay in love forever!

  1. A simple dinner cooked with love served in a serene ambience

It doesn’t take a special skill to prepare a dinner that tastes great. Cook what he/she likes and cook from the heart. Keep the menu simple, but the ambience must be soothing. It’s the moment to light the scented candles that you have preserved for that special moment. Sprinkle some flower petals on the table and you are done! Choose a romantic playlist and set the mood for a memorable evening at home

  1. A look through new eyes

In the early days of your relationship, you probably had butterflies of enjoyment and excitement at the mere thought of meeting with each other. Chances are you were all praise about this new person in your life. Now things seem to be just the opposite. But you can enhance your relationship by regularly remembering and re-experiencing the thought, feelings, and appreciation that once you had for each other. This also means, talking to your partner every day for at least an hour discussing anything and everything. Do this before you both go to bed, share a hug and end the day on a lovely note. 

  1. Love messages and secret notes

Who doesn’t like the feeling of being wanted or needed? Show your love through secret messages, placed anywhere unexpected. You can write love quotes or just a line from a romantic Bollywood song or just a simple “I love you” is enough to ignite the fire of love.

  1. Plan a Coffee date

A simple coffee date with your beloved at a café that once you both hovered over during the early stage of your relationship can do wonders. Go down your memory lane, discuss the past and thrill of preliminary connection carelessly. Remember, the tone we use and the words we choose can have a profound impact on your relationship.

  1. Pursue common hobby

The heart of the matter is spending exclusive time with each other. Indulge in activities that you both enjoy. It may be gardening, swimming, and cycling to name a few. Give a deeper meaning to your relationship by choosing something you both like. 

A quiet time spent in each other’s arms without any disturbance works like therapy. Silence is the universal language of love. Let your hearts converse. Rekindle the romance with these simple and fun date ideas.