How to Increase Love in a Relationship?

Gifts, roses, a teddy bear with a heart are all passé. You need to change your ways to increase and strengthen the love bond with your partner. Team TogetherV has come up with 5 simple ways to grow love between couples. Keep your relationship strong and happy with these 5 simple rules. 

1. Listening is an art

Listen to your partner attentively. This is how you can understand him/her in a much better way. Don’t make ignorance a habit. Because your partner needs your support and tender care during tough times. Show them how much their opinions and decisions matter, this will help in nurturing your love life on a long-term basis. 

2. It’s only words

Unsaid can’t be understood all the time. There is a dire need for giving voice to your thoughts to make them feel happy. So, speak out your heart! By talking together and spending quality time daily before bed, you can bring more trust and comfort to your relationship. 

3. Outing with partner

Plan a romantic sojourn with your partner. No matter the day of the week, surprise your partner with an impromptu short vacation to nearby places. Spend“we-time” in seclusion, where just two of you can do the talking. Surprises always work wonders in relationships no matter how old or new you both are! 

4. Use social media smartly

Share your special moments and memories on social media accounts. Let your family and friends know about your partner. Such things reflect your seriousness towards the relationship that eventually helps in growing love! 

5. Prioritize your relationship

Your love should matter to you most! When it’s pouring outside, spend some lovely time together getting drenched in water and doing silly things around. Your work can wait for an hour or two. Whenever needed, be present for them. With these meaningful gestures, you can gain complete trust that helps in increasing love.