7 Birthday celebration ideas for your special half

Has this trickiest situation ever happened to you?

It is your wife’s birthday and you are out of ideas on wife’s birthday planning? Probably you have already given all the usual gifts over the years, now what? 

Your wife – Your better half has always been there for you. The only woman in your life who makes you feel loved and teaches you morals is your wife. She deserves appreciation for all the efforts she puts in 365 days of the year for you and your family. And there is no special day other than the day she came into this world. Birthdays are special for us, for you, and for your wife too. 

Every year birthdays remind us of all the memories we age together with our loved ones. 

We know planning birthdays can be stressful – thinking of surprise gifts and ideas to make your special someone feel happy and worthy. An unexpected birthday surprise will certainly bring a wide smile to her face for all the effort you have made to plan her day. 

But how to celebrate a wife’s birthday at home?

We know planning birthdays can be chaotic with all those usual and boring ideas every year. And we are certain that you may not want those repeated decorations and balloons on the same wall like you did last year. Do you?

Let’s do something unusual this year and plan the birthday of the most special person in your life, a little differently! TogetherV’s team is dedicated to making the special moments even more special with its delightful services and experience. The only motto is to create moments that are personalized and loaded with love. 

Now that your wife is beginning her next year’s journey, let’s make it surprising and entertaining. To make it easier for you, we have curated some of the best ways to celebrate your wife’s birthday.

Begin with writing her a love letter 

Women are emotional and sensitive when it comes to their families. For them, better are small efforts of appreciation that have sentimental love than hefty gift ideas with no meaningful value. If you want to truly give her something, write down your feelings on a piece of paper. It will make her feel special. Write a love letter expressing your gratitude, love, and care in the most classic and chic way, like in the ’80s. She will surely cherish this gift for the rest of her life.

24-hours surprise gift

Undoubtedly women of any age like a surprise gift idea. But let’s make birthday surprises for your wife a little different this year. How about spoiling her with gifts for an entire day? It’s her special day and she’s gonna love this adorable 24 hours surprise gift hamper. 24 gifts for 24 hours, isn’t it cute and romantic? Go check out all our collections for her and we will plan all that needs to make it even more exceptional or if you have any special idea, let us know. 

A memory wall

Depending upon where you stay and the time you have, you can choose to surprise your wife with a memory wall in the home. The place could be your bedroom or living room or somewhere on the balcony. After you have decided the right wall to fit in your surprise, collect photographs of you two together, your marriage images, pictures of you too with babies, her childhood images, images of the family members, or some funky photos of her alone. Put all these pictures on a wall using frames or strings or any creative pattern you know already. Be careful of the color combination of the wall and images or you can get the portion of the wall painted to get along with colored images. 

Gift her a makeover

If you are looking for surprise ideas for a wife’s birthday and sure of her makeover desire, this is gonna be the best gift. To make the necessary arrangements, you need to consult a professional makeup artist or stylist. You can briefly talk about her sense of style, what she likes to accessorize the most, her hairdo choices, etc. Or you can ask them to bring a different look and give your wife a complete makeover she never had before. 

A romantic getaway to a cottage or an exotic place 

Going out in hotels on birthdays seems quite boring now. In the age of travel, you can plan a romantic getaway to an old-style cottage or some exotic location if you are looking for birthday celebration ideas for your wife. Being away in a far place where there are no kids or family will give her undivided attention and love. She would love the night spent with you in a cottage in a hilly area. Well, the budget is on you and you can choose to book yourself a weekend getaway to a beach or in nature or hills as well. Pick a place that is away from the crowd but accessible to basic amenities, the aura of which is romantic enough to give a thrill chill. 

30 days of compliments 

When was the last time you complimented your wife for having her? She does so many things for you and your family, so be sure to compliment her for all the unrequited love she has felt many times. Birthdays are the most special occasions to do all that you could not do for days because of your work commitments. Use some beautiful compliments to appreciate her presence in your life, such as:

  • You are a strong woman. 
  • I am so blessed to have you as my wife.
  • I am a proud husband.
  • You are as beautiful as you were on the day of marriage. 
  • I love your laugh. 
  • I love the way you take care of every little thing in my life. 
  • You are the best mom my babies could have. 
  • You take my breath away every time you wear Indian attire. 
  • You understand without having me say anything. 

So is the power of compliments! This will assuredly lift her mood and brighten her day. Begin 30-days compliments a month before her birthday and surprise her on the day with the best compliment you have for her in front of everyone. 

Birthday countdown

Why should there be one day to celebrate the birthday of your special half? Why not make it a week or month-long? Start the week or month with love notes in the house, plan small birthday surprises for the wife such as cooking her food, self-care gifts, etc. Go take her out for dinner dates or shopping as a mark of pre-birthday celebration!

Whatever birthday surprises for the wife you plan, she is surely gonna adore it. All that woman wants is your attention and love. You may not be attentive to her for all the days of the year, birthday is the day to leave her stupefied and surprised.