A Warm Hug to Spread Love

A hug is the universal language of love and comfort. It is a simple, yet meaningful gesture that conveys a message of support, comfort and care. A hug can instantly change someone’s mood and make their day just a little bit brighter. It’s a thoughtful way of saying, “I care about you”, without even speaking a word. 

Hug Day is celebrated on the 12th of February in Valentine’s week. It is a perfect time to embrace them with open arms. With a little effort and a lot of love, you can have a splendid Hug Day celebration. Every person has a different love language. Hug Day is for the ones who like to express their love with real gestures. You can convey your feelings with different types of hugs on this special day. Choose the one that defines your relationship in the best way. 

  1. Bear Hug

Hold them tight in your arms, close to your heart for a long time. Full of warmth, this is the most satiating type of hug that a person will remember lifelong. It will make you feel a heart-to-heart connection with your partner. 

  1. Back Hug

Hugging from behind is another sweet gesture that conveys your heartfelt feelings in a surprising way. Wrap them around your arms and stay close to them for a while. 

  1. Eye-to-eye Hug

A romantic gesture where you hug around their waist with an eye-contact. Its feeling is perfect for celebrating Hug Day! Show them all your care with it. 

  1. Side Hug

Simply put your arm around their waist from one side, this is the cutest gesture if it’s your first hug with each other. Make yourselves feel comfortable in a friendly manner. Show them that you are standing next to them always with it. 

Share a long and warm hug to feel connected with their heart directly. Show them that you care with this comely gesture. Carry fresh flowers and chocolates or a personalized gift in your hand when you meet them on Hug Day. These little gifts of love are just perfect for the Hug Day celebration. They are sure to make them feel happy. Spread love and comfort by sharing a cosy hug with your partner.