Air-filled balloon or Helium balloon decoration

Balloon decorations never go out of trend. If you are confused about choosing the type of balloon decoration then let us help you. Mainly there are 2 types of decorations, air-filled balloon decor and helium balloon decor. Both have their own unique benefits. Sometimes a mix of both can also be used together. Simple balloon decoration for birthday or anniversary can be done without spending much amount. To help you in better understanding, let us know the different benefits of using air-filled or helium balloons.

Air-filled balloons

We have used air-filled balloons for ages for birthday decorations or anniversary decorations at home. These decorations can be done at any place as per the customer’s convenience.

• Air-filled balloons have a life of up to 5/10 days.

• They are a safer option.

• They are cost-effective.

• Can be used in any, interior or exterior decoration.

• Patterns like balloon arch frames and balloon garlands look better when air-filled balloons are used.

Helium balloons

Helium balloon decorations at home are in trend nowadays. They are the latest addition to balloon decorations. Whether it is a romantic room decoration or decoration for a kid’s birthday party or whatever the occasion, helium balloon decorations add a touch of elegance to the decor. Know why you should opt for helium balloon decor.

• The beauty of helium balloons is that they float.

• They are a little expensive but then they have an exclusive floating feature too.

• Helium gas can be filled in any balloon, whether it is a latex balloon or foil balloon. But the look of helium foil balloons is the best as foil balloons come in various unique shapes. For example, a unicorn helium foil balloon looks too good.

• Helium balloons have a very long life, they can last up to weeks. But they are suitable for indoor decorations only.

Both helium and air-filled balloons have their own benefits. Think about your purpose and likings while choosing between both. It’s best to use a combination of both. When looking for party decoration at home or any place, feel free to contact us for assistance. We also do hotel room decorations as per the requirement of customers. Our speciality lies in cabana set up at home and candlelight dinner decoration as we are the best surprise planners around you.