Different Types of Moms: Which One Do You Have?

A mother is a child’s 1st best friend. She is a selfless and loving woman who can do everything for her child. We all are lucky to have her in our lives. But, every mom is different. They all have different traits and personalities. Do you know which type of mom you have? Does she like everything perfect? Or is she unpredictable or so? 

  • The Best-Friend Mommie 
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She lives with you like a bestie, you both can share anything and everything comfortably. With her, life feels real and fun. When you make mistakes, she will teach you lessons like a friend. You can even go out and chill with her, share your relationship issues and so on, because she will understand everything. So you both have a healthy and happy relationship without many boundaries.

  • The Perfectionist Mom
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If your mom is a perfectionist she will try to control you so that everything goes right. This type of mom is very responsible by nature. Firstly her carrier, personal life, workout routine and etc. will be very sorted. Then, for her kid she will again do everything like waking them up on time, dressing them up neatly, taking them on outings and so on if required. She will try to do everything correctly on time and her house will always be clean. At times, she also gets competitive with other moms due to this nature. It’s tough for her to accept mistakes but overall she makes a good mother. 

  • The Patient One
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She likes to go with the flow so she is very calm. She won’t freak out easily and will act very patient all the time. This mom will always be supportive and she will try to see things from the child’s point of view as well. So it’s easy for her to forgive and move on. Similarly, she teaches her child to act in various situations. 

  • The Unpredictable Mom
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Her nature is unpredictable, so it is really tough to understand her. One moment she will be happy, another she will be annoyed. You need to think twice before saying anything. Her life totally depends on her mood.

  • The Emotional Mother
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For her, everything connects with her sentiments. She will feel every emotion related to her kid’s life. From happiness and excitement to sorrow, she feels a lot. This type of nature isn’t harmful but can be very tough to handle.