Father’s Day Special: Cute Nicknames for Your Dad 

What do you call your father? Daddy or papa or have you given him some creative name? When we call someone by a special personalized name, we create a deep bond with them. If you are thinking to surprise your dad with a cute name this Father’s Day then here are some super cool names for him. Every year on the 3rd Sunday of June Father’s Day is celebrated. It is a day to celebrate the connection that a father and child share. This year, surprise your dad by ordering a cake and some gifts for him. Make sure you get the cake personalized by highlighting it with a cute name over it. This will surely surprise him. Here is a list of cute and unique nicknames for dad. You can choose some based on his personality and character. 

  • Papu: For the Indian dad who is really soft from the heart. 
  • Buddy: For the dad who is more like your friend. 
  • Pat: A small nickname for a caring dad. 
  • Superhero: If he is the hero of your life. 
  • Iron Man: For the tough and bold dad. 
  • Mr Brainy: A name for the one who loves to work. 
  • Big Boss: If he is the decision-maker in your life. 
  • Mr Handsome: For the smart-looking dad. 
  • My A.T.M.: For the dad who always has cash in hand. 
  • Fixer: Because he takes care of everything.
  • Bald Guy: For the dad who is bald. 
  • Old Man: For the dad who is too old.
  • Sleepy Guy: A name for the dad who is very lazy.
  • Crazy Man: For the fun-loving dad. 
  • Mr Chef: For the dad who cooks you midnight meals. 
  • My Encyclopedia: For the dad who can solve all your problems with his knowledge. 
  • Mate: If your dad is your very 1st friend in life. 
  • Maharaj: Because he is the king in your you life. 
  • Pita Shree: For the dad who gives you a lot of “gyaan”.
  • Pradhan Ji: If he is the leader of the family. 

These are the cutest names for fathers. They can also be used as a contact name for dad. Surprise your dad with some fun names and unique gifts this Father’s Day.