Festive Special: Diwali Decoration Ideas

Spread the glow of diyas and candles all around your home with warm fairy lights falling down as the festival of Diwali is almost here. It’s time to decorate our homes with colourful rangolis, flowers, lanterns and more to welcome Lord Ram and Sita. 

Diwali is an auspicious Hindu festival celebrated with great fervour and delight. This festival is celebrated to represent the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. People decorate their homes and offices in creative ways to celebrate the festival of lights!

The name of this festival comes from the word “Deepavali”, which means a row of lamps. If you are looking for elegant decorations for Diwali, let us help you. Here is a mix of traditional and exquisite Diwali decoration ideas for your home, office or shop. Choose the best decoration theme for Diwali and let your place glow!

  1. Colourful Diwali Decor Setup 

The idea is to decorate your space with a circular ring that is nicely draped with white curtains. The overall backdrop has fairy lights, floral chains, bell hangings, pots and Rajasthani umbrellas. This decor is perfect for someone who wants both simplicity and elegance. If you are planning to host a Diwali party at your home, you must choose this idea. 

  1. Yellow-White Floral Pooja Setup With Lights 

Flower decorations always look pretty, socially when it’s the festival of Diwali. Your space will be decorated with yellow and white floral chains along with green leafy vines. See how beautifully this setup is adorned with ball-shaped LED lights, wooden baskets, bell hangings and metallic tables. The floral rangoli in the centre makes it a perfect choice for Diwali decoration. Decorate your pooja room(temple) or any place in your home with this gorgeous idea. 

  1. Starry Lantern Decoration 

Diwali and lights are 2 words with the same meaning! So, here is a stunning decor theme for your home. Light up your home with the warmth of fairy lights and lanterns as you choose this idea. Adorn the ceiling of your home with this setup. The decor looks prettier on the rooftop terrace or balcony area. 

  1. Festive Starry Lights Setup 

Thinking about how would you decorate your place for Diwali? How about this traditional decoration idea with lights and flowers together? This Diwali decor features a backdrop made with yellow curtains, fairy lights and green leafy vines. Metallic tables with flower bunches are kept around that enhance the look. 

  1. Diwali Celebrations Backdrop Setup 

This is an idea that’s both vibrant and pretty! Bring colours to your home this Diwali with this gorgeous setup. The idea is to decorate your place with colourful lanterns, fairy lights and flowers. Rajasthani umbrellas and pots simply complement the overall look. 

These were some of the best Diwali decoration ideas. The price of these decorations is nominal. They all seem perfect for home, office, shop and school celebrations. Choose and pre-book the one you look like the most and let your home shine brighter this Diwali!