Funny Things Married Couples Fight Over

Marriage is the most special day in the life of a couple. On this day, couples promise each other to live, pray, earn, spend and do everything together. After the wedding, a couple goes through many phases. Some are lovely, some are tough, some are funny and so on. 

But let’s talk about the funniest chapter of every married couple’s life. It’s the stupid and dramatic arguments that a couple gets into. And almost every couple goes through this phase no matter how long their relationship has been. Later on, these pointless fights become the funniest memories. 

Here are the 10 funniest things married couples fight over:

  • Sides of Bed

Seriously, are you both still little kids who fight over this? Well, in this case almost every couple is a child. So the only solution is to fix your days and sleep. 

  • Deciding what to eat

From who prepares the meal to what he/she prepares, the argument can be about anything! Can you imagine listening this dialogue “same wahi khana roz roz”!

  • Who showers 1st

Now that you both have got up, had your breakfast, it’s time for a bath! But the question is who goes 1st because everyone knows that you both are super lazy! 

  • Who opens the door

“It’s your chance, go open the door!”

“No it’s yours, I went the last time.”

This fight is the funniest out of all! Please guys, whosoever it is on the door, is waiting for you. So go and open the door, please! Common, don’t be that lazy! 

  • Which movie to watch

Um! So you both probably have a list to binge-watch shows/movies on Netflix. But the question is, which 1 to play? You both pick different movies and start fighting over them. Grow up, share the TV and choose a common movie that you both like!

  • Temperature of A/C

One feels cold, one feels warm! What to do? This is a never-ending fight. Either 1 has to pack up in a quilt or the other has to compromise!

  • Organizing the home

Ok, are you both kids? Don’t you know where to keep the laundry, the shoes, the towel, the watch and the list goes on! And, what about the dishes? Who is supposed to pick them up after the meal? Well, these are all basic etiquettes upon which a couple can fight everyday! 

  • Walking Speed

“Just tell me, what’s the hurry? Can’t you walk normally next to me? Are we both going somewhere separately?”

Slow down a bit and walk together because this is seriously annoying! 

  • Working after 9

After a long day of work at the office/home, a couple must spend some quality time with each other. Rather than fighting, make it a rule. Say no to work after the clock hits 9!

  • The ringing alarm clock

“You don’t need to schedule an alarm when you neither have to wake up nor do you have to turn it off yourself!”

Who says this between you 2? Well, whosoever does we all know that this is super irritating. Umm, maybe we can consider it a good reason to fight over! 

Nobody will consider you a married couple if you don’t fight for all this! So please say yes, that you relate! Apart from this, there are many more silly reasons a couple can fight over in their day to day life. Keep thinking and start laughing!