How to be Ready for your First Date 

The feeling of dating someone for the first time is very different. From appearance to talk, you want everything to be perfect. It’s right to say that you “either make it or break it” because the first impression matters a lot. 

As soon as the time gets close, you start feeling a lot! From tickling butterflies in your tummy to some silly acts during that time everything is fun. Well, here are a few tips to get ready for the first date. 

  • Body Language 

Take care of your body language when you meet them. Sit in the right posture, talk properly to the restaurant staff and split the expense. Your hand gestures, eye movement, touch and facial expressions also matter a lot. Try to sit with a smiling face and make proper eye contact. Your body language should not reflect nervousness or stress. 

  • Presentable 

Choose your best outfit and dress in a presentable way. Follow your day-to-day routine before getting ready which includes shower, head wash and so. Lastly, apply a good perfume and smell good. All this will even make you feel confident. 

  • Talk Properly 

While talking don’t be nervous. Just be yourself and speak with honesty. Try to be a good listener also. Before you meet them, think about some interesting topics to keep the conversation moving. 

  • Carry a Little Gift

Because this is your first date, carrying a little gift is a good idea. You can carry a rose or some bouquet of fresh flowers, this will be enough. 

  • Decide Location Mutually 

While planning, choose the right location that comforts you both. The location usually has a vibe that sets the tone of a date. So a neutral place with some live music or a coffee date can be fine. Make sure you reach there on time and do not drink with them.