How to Know It’s Time To Stop Dating And Start a New Relationship?

What dating stage exactly is?

Sometimes we just don’t realize when to stick on something and when to move on. The same happens in our love life also, when we are into someone and just cannot conclude which stage exactly it is.

The stage where someone is more than a friend but less than a lover is generally known as a dating stage. Where two individuals meet occasionally, talk and hang out to know each other better. If you are dating someone and there is confusion about whether it’s time to take it further then don’t worry, here are a few tips which will help you to understand this.

How To Know It’s Time To Be In a Relation?

·  Observe: 

Observation is the biggest skill to know and understand the situation. There should be few changes in the behaviour of your partner i.e. they care or worry for you more than ever, they just can’t stay without talking to you, they are continuously trying, either way, to come closer etc.

·  Separation:

Try being apart for a couple of days. Yes! This would really help. During this time if both of you feel like there is something missing in life, or there is that urge to see them then it’s probably a green signal.

·  Compromise: 

Compromise is the key. Make sure that you and your partner are ready to compromise on several things, not just to settle down the matter, but for each other’s happiness.

·  Mutual Commitment: 

When both of you feel like you are ready for commitment and your heart allows it, then my friend, it’s time to stop dating and be in a relationship with each other.