How to Plan the Most Romantic Proposal? 

It is always a special moment when you have found out your Mr or Mrs Right! Be it a love marriage or an Indian-style arrangement of the wedding, a romantic proposal is a must. And doing that in a perfect way needs some effort. Four little words “Will you marry me?” can be said in so many romantic ways and here are some ideas to make the evening more special. 

1. The Location

Selecting the right place is a very important thing and it can be anywhere based on the sentiments. The exotic location can be the rooftop of a restaurant, some beautiful place amidst a natural beauty or even the place where you first saw them. Creating the right mood and the perfect ambience is what it needs.

  1. Lighting & Floral décor

Proposals and lighting are two things that relate! Whatever the location, get it decorated with lovely flowers of her choice, romantic red roses, candles and fairy lights. Nowadays, even the entry path is decorated with flowers and such elements. You can also gift her a bouquet of roses and her favourite flowers with customized numbers. Like, if you have known them for 6 years, include 6 red roses along with other flowers and present them to her with all your love.

  1. Music and after effects

A special moment should never come to an end and to maintain this continuity, dance on some romantic numbers after everything is said and done. The celebration should go on, capture every bit of it in your heart and let your love grow. It is your emotions and feelings that will come out through these dance steps.

  1. Some good words

Even though you have been expressing your love in front of them for so many years, this special day expects some lovely words from you again. Well, nobody can teach you what to exactly say, and you have to rehearse it on your own. She knows that you love her a lot! So instead of saying only this tell them why they are so special to you and what makes you fall in love with them over and over again. Trust me when I say, these few words from you will do wonders! 

  1. Make a Memory

Make this moment extra special by including a photographer in this grand event. These moments will always be special for life and you must collect them in a frame to carry a bit of nostalgia for the future.

So when everything is arranged, surprise them with an evening full of love! Make this moment even more special by including some of your friends and families to be a part of this happening thing. It is a truly special moment to exchange the ring on your knees with a gentle kiss on the hands in the presence of all the near ones. 

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