Learn How to Re-Grow a Rose at Home 

Did you know that it is very easy to grow roses at home? You just have to follow a few simple steps and it’s done. The best time to plant roses from cuttings is in summer when the plant is growing and there are softwood stems.  

What you’ll need:

  1. For reproducing roses, you will need fresh stem cuttings. In other words, you will need roses with soft stems that have bloomed recently. 
  2. Then, you will need a small ceramic pot. 
  3. Some water in a jar.
  4. Sharp scissors or knife. 
  5. You can use cocopeat mud or normal mud for planting the rose. 

What to do: 

  1. Fill your pot with mud, and add some water into it as required. The soil should be moist and the pot must have a hole in it. 
  2. Using a scissor or knife trim a rose stem at 45-degree angle, close to the base of the bush. Cut them in the morning before 10. 
  3. Place the stems in the water jar. Make sure that only the stems are wet and not the bud. You can even plant them right after you cut and take them off. 
  4. Use a pencil to make a planting hole in the ceramic pot. It should be 3-4 inches deep.
  5. Plant the rose stem cutting into the hole. Cut all the leaves except the top. 
  6. Place the pot in a warm and bright place. But it should be away from direct sunlight. 
  7. Water the plant as required depending on the wetness of the soil. Within 5-6 weeks the plant will start growing well.