Quirky quotes to share with your siblings this Rakhi

It is believed that a brother and sister share the strongest connection with each other. From teasing each other every second in childhood to growing up and caring for each other, the bond gets stronger with time. The excitement of celebrating Rakhi starts a month back. Where some people start shopping crazily for their siblings, there are some who live at a distance and are hardly able to meet. But, a festival must feel like a festival and so here we have some fun quotes that you can share with each other no matter how distant or near you are. After all, the connection of heart is most important. Make the promise of care and protection in a fun way and relive the days of your childhood once again by sharing these quotes.

  1. Hello, my lazy-crazy brother, you have got the coolest sister!
  2. Happiness is, teasing you day and night!
  3. Don’t you know, the taller one is the elder one!
  4. Since childhood, our full-time job is to annoy each other!
  5. We will be in our 50’s, but we can still fight for chocolates!
  6. The younger one is always the adopted one!
  7. You idiot, mom loves me more than you!
  8. Yay, I caught you red-handed! Now, this is my new blackmailing trick!
  9. Hitting you for no reason is my best pass-time!
  10. Dad, who took my books! Maybe your brother hid them!

You must be feeling nostalgic after reading all these quirky quotes that took you back to your childhood. Fighting over everything, hitting each other, playing around and gossiping were some favourite things we have all done. And some of us can still fight over these little things! Well, that’s the charm of the sibling connection. This time wish and bless your sibling Rakhi in a fun-loving way.