The reason behind cutting a cake and blowing candles

We all have seen that no celebration is complete without cake and candles. The trend of cutting a cake and blowing candles is followed for ages. Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary or any occasion, we always have cake and candles to celebrate it. Indeed, any happy occasion needs a celebration. 

Cutting a cake and blowing candles is not an Indian tradition rather it is a ritual that Roman’s practiced initially. Cake and candles were a major part of their birthday or wedding ceremonies. German bakeries started selling cakes as German families celebrated their children’s birthday where they used to have a cake-cutting ceremony. The whole celebration was called  Kinder fest. However, in India, any occasion was celebrated by doing prayer and offering some sweet delicacies to god. In India, sweets hold a lot of importance to celebrate an occasion. This is why Indian families started the cake-cutting ceremony and offered it too as a sweet to god. While people do so, they seek blessings from god on special days in India. After that, a get-together would take place where people would exchange gifts and shower blessings. Indians have adopted this modern culture of cutting a cake and blowing candles. Thus, cutting a cake is a mixed tradition that is followed worldwide. 

A cake always has candles over it. And before cutting the cake, one is supposed to close eyes, make a wish and blow the candles. The ritual is exciting and fun which is enjoyed by kids especially. But, have you ever thought that why is this done?

It is believed that the smoke of candles will carry all the wishes to the god. Out of all the candles, 1 is never blown for the same reason. One should never share his or her wishes with anyone, that is, it should be a secret wish between the person and the god. Another reason for blowing candles is that the Greek’s believed that it is a way of worshipping the goddess Artemis. 

By: Ishita Bansal