How to Impress her on your 1st Date? 

The first date can be scary, but it’s so important to make the first impression good. If you are seriously dating or looking for someone special, you must be ready in every way. Instead of glamorizing the moments to come, plan your date well beforehand. And this starts with knowing how to go on first dates. We will help you make your date wonderful and happy. If you want to surprise and make her happy on the very 1st date, follow these 10 easy tips. 

1. Ask her Out for a Date:

Before taking your beloved on a romantic date, you should talk to her on the phone. Call and tell her about the idea of your date, but don’t reveal the surprise element. Try to know if she is interested in coming along or not. Ask her out for a date when you both meet or over a call. 

2. Find a Romantic Place:

Figure out where you want to take your date. The place of the date sets the tone for the date. Try to find out her favourite places, where she wants to go and then reserve a table there. A candlelight dinner in a cabana, garden or terrace can also be perfect for such dates if you know your partner well. Set up your first date at some cosy private location where you both can easily talk. 

3. Prior Arrangement at the Location:

How to decorate the table and the entire place to give her a romantic surprise? Choose a set-up with romantic floral decoration and warm lighting. Discuss your requirements with the restaurant before to make it all perfect. You can check all your arrangements by reaching the location before the time. 

4. Dress Well:

For most of us, coming up with what to wear on a first date is a little confusing. Sure, you may go through your wardrobe and make changes before deciding on a final decision, but a clean shirt, unwrinkled jeans and a nice pair of shoes always seem perfect on the first date. Be trendy but still be yourself. Dressing up appropriately leaves a good impression on others. It also shows your date that you tried to put your best foot forward.

5. Reach on Time:

Timing is another important thing you must take care of. Usually, every girl notices this thing on her first date. Being on time will have a positive impact on her. It tells your date what is the importance of time in your life. Girls are pleased by those guys who give importance to time and don’t make them wait. It also shows your interest, and how excited you are to meet her. So, guys, you can make your date perfect by reaching the location on time to greet her. 

6. Greet her with Gifts, not much Expensive: 

It is a personal decision of course, but a tough one too. It’s always a good idea to give your beloved a small gift on the first date. Don’t go crazy on something expensive, just an adorable bouquet of red roses and some chocolates can be good. This thoughtful gesture is sure to make her smile. Because flowers convey heartfelt messages more beautifully. 

7. Be Genuine, Positive and Respectful:

If you’re eager to meet your date or excited to see her, make sure it shows. And be generous in your compliments. Be positive and lighthearted when you meet your date and use positive words during the date. Speak softly and clearly in a relaxed manner without mumbling. The softer you speak, the calmer she will feel. And a pleasantly soft voice will make you sound more romantic and caring. Respect her and all her things. If you give her respect, then you will get it back. Similarly, talk to the restaurant staff in an appropriate manner. 

 8. Ask Questions, Pay Attention and Listen:

Ask engaging questions about her life, her profession, and things that truly make her happy and really run with the conversation. While speaking with your date, hold a strong gaze and nod casually when she says something. It shows that you’re completely focused on her. When a girl is talking about something, do not disturb her. Just try to keep your interest in her subject and comment later.

9. End the Date Well:

Ending a date is never easy, be it good or bad. Try to end the date in a warm and memorable way. Leave your date thinking about you with your gestures, words and body language. If your date is comfortable, exchange a goodbye hug and tell her how you felt being with her. Tell her that you would love to see them again anytime soon! 

10. Make Sure she gets back Home Safely:

You can drive her back to her home. And if she chooses to drive by herself, make sure to call and ask her if she has reached home. This will show her your caring side. 

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