Where To Go For A Perfect Date In Gurugram?

Delhi, the national capital, the city boasting of mementos of eternal love, has its own magic. You can feel the fresh morning aroma in Lodhi Road or you can taste the mouth-watering food at Chandni Chowk. It has its own beauty. While a large number of good restaurants/cafeterias are located in the more crowded areas of the city, it’s always more pleasant to have a more peaceful setup for a romantic date.

Thinking of trying a different environment? Don’t forget to check out some of the enthralling places to visit in Gurgaon for couples for a romantic day-out. These are the best escapades to leave the hustle-and-bustle of the city life behind and indulge in the serenity of romance!

Be it Delhi, Gurgaon, or any city for that matter, you have so many cafes, lounges, and hangouts zones as options. And, choosing the ideal place to take your partner out on a date may seem rather confusing, and taxing! No matter if it’s your first date or the 50th; it’s not a date unless you come up with something new every time! Would not you agree? Can there be anything more romantic experience than a fancy, lavish dinner by your partner’s side?

Many of you would readily agree as that choice won’t take a toll on you. However, if your answer is no, and you would rather prefer a secluded place with the promise of utmost privacy, then probably you’d love what we have in store for you. If you are confused about selecting the best location for romantic surprises with your loved ones, Just #Woobly it!

As they say, for a perfect romantic date, everything needs to be perfect. No matter how thoughtful you are at setting the vibe, gifting unique things that your partner will cherish forever, the significance of the place is paramount.

Don’t forget to check the romantic places in Gurgaon before setting your date planning into motion. So, we bring with us a curated list of 10 romantic restaurants that are the perfect date places in Gurgaon. Trust us, you’d want to go on a date over and over again at each of these restaurants!

1. Prego – The Westin, Gurgaon:

In the NCR region, Prego is one of the most romantic places to go with your partner on a date. It has excellent service and an awesome ambiance. You can eat delicious Italian food at Prego. With such an outstanding view you are going to make the day memorable and can amaze your partner by taking him or her to such a beautiful place. It is one of the best places in Gurgaon for couples to rekindle their romance!

2. A Trip to Sohna Town:

The town is located in the heart of scenic Aravalli Mountains. Sohna town is a popular getaway destination for couples. People residing in and around Delhi-NCR can make plans for the weekend. Enjoy the hot water springs out there and you can also take blessings from Lord Shiva by visiting the popular Shiva Temple located there. It is one of the best romantic destinations in Gurgaon for young professionals.

3. Leisure Valley Park:

Leisure Valley Park, a green asset, one of the cutest date places in Gurgaon, is situated right in the heart of the city. It is a huge park in the heart of the town in prime sector 29 and is an ideal place if you are looking for peacefulness. Surprise your better-half and get away from the city’s crowd and enjoy the great food plaza and kingdom of dreams out there. There is a rich variety of plants and seasonal flowers and adequate parking outside the park, which you are going to love if you are a fan of greenery. While visiting Leisure Valley Park, don’t forget to visit the rose garden. The neatly trimmed shrubs of the rose garden are really worth watching. Sweep your partner off their feet in these romantic settings with a perfectly-planned date that is going to be etched in the memory.

4. Creative Kitchen:













Creative Kitchen is located in Radisson Blue Suites Hotel, Gurgaon. It is well-known for serving the delicious multi-cuisines fares.It offers some mouth watering dishes. Indulge in the Herb Roasted Chicken Breast, Jalandhar Gosht and Wild mushroom. Your ladylove will definitely enjoy each and every cuisine served here.

5. Odyssey:

If you are looking to spend a romantic evening with your beloved, hop over to Odyssey. It is indeed one of the best places in Gurgaon for couples. You would love the ambiance here at Odyssey. The food is amazing, the service is quick and the experience is truly out of this world. This dining destination is the most romantic place situated in Sahara Mall. You will surely enjoy the ambiance to set the mood right. Be prepared for a magical evening with your beloved at this enthralling place!

6. Cyber Hub:

This place is a must visit for couples especially for foodies since it offers a wide variety of restaurants in a single premises serving all kind of cuisines you can think of. If you are planning to whisk away your partner for a candlelight dinner or go for a date then you have arrived at the right place. Also, it would not be too harsh on your pocket since many of the restaurants will be coming up with different offers and also you can enjoy the happy hours. So, wait no more, think no more, set out to plan a memorable date for your foodie partner at Cyber Hub, right away!

7. Piano Man Garden Cafe:

This cafe is ideal for those first dates when you’re getting to know each other or starting a new relationship. This has both indoor and outdoor seating with the beautiful view of a sprawling golf course. When it comes to the meal, it has different varieties but starts with a hot soup {French Onion, maybe} and progress to hearty food such as quiches, quesadillas, risottos and Thai curries. The only thing missing is a glass of wine. It’s ideal to visit when the weather is nice to enjoy the outdoor seating. This place deserves to be on your bucket list for your next romantic outing!

8. Three sixty-one:

The gem of the Oberoi group of hotels, Threesixtyone never disappoints with food nor with the service. Whether you want kebabs or pappardelle, they’ve got your back. And when your meal is served so deliciously in a beautiful setup, it’s hard not to let your romantic side come out seeing the beautiful ambiance. They have a separate low-calorie menu as well with an extensive wine selection from their cellar.

9. Vibe—The Sky Bar:

10 floors up, you can grab an awesome view from the top. The Vibe is all about cocktails and finger food, Daiquiri just try  Bubblegum Daiquiri cocktail you would loved it and what better way to celebrate a date? You may like the Blue Cheese Malai Tikkas, Feta Cheese Beetroot Patties and most of their drinks. If you can’t decide from where to start? We suggest you go with the khatta Achari Mojito {mango pickle in a mojito}.

10. Go Golfing:

Donal Trump once said in an interview “Golf should be an aspirational game. People should come to golf, golf shouldn’t come to them.” Take a swing at love as you can challenge each other to a quick round of golf at Hamoni Golf Camp. It’s a beautifully place oozing with personal touch and passion for golf. Their idea is to make golf accessible to general public and not let it be confined to a game for the rich elite.

So, guys, this is your cue to impress your girl by taking her on a perfect date this weekend! Share your experiences with us by commenting below. If you want more ideas and inspirations on choosing the perfect date places in Gurgaon, we are just a call away! Let’s talk!

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