Who can be more precious than a mother!

A mother is the best gift of God for a child! Everything seems to be nice and perfect when our mother is around us. No power in this world can overcome the love and care a mother has for their child. She is the one who will always prioritize the well-being, growth and happiness of her child.

When a woman gives birth to a baby, she makes an everlasting promise to love the child no matter what. There is a lifelong connection that a mother and child share. This bond is all about truthfulness and care. Such things make her the most precious person in our life. So we should all treasure this relationship.

Who is the most powerful and beautiful creation of God? It’s a mother!
The power of her prayers can fill you with confidence every day. Her upbringing teaches you the lessons of life making everything easy. We all have grown up listening that “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers“. There can be nothing more true than this quote and everyone feels it.

From waking up early in the morning, taking her child on an outing, teaching him/her, being a best friend and more, she is always present. Even when she is a bit sick, she will manage to do anything for her child. Every child’s dream is to grow and be like his/her mother. This is because her nature, understanding and love feel the best. Her life lessons take the child on the right path in life.

Have you ever experienced this situation where you and your mom are at a little distance, now you fall sick and she naturally gets to know all this on her own? This is the connection that a mother has with her child, she can feel everything without even being there.

Indeed, there is no gem as precious as a mother and her blessings can do miracles in our lives!