Why Singlehood Is The Best Phase 

Hey, are you single? Let me tell you that you are in the happiest phase of your life! You must be very eager to get into a relationship right now but don’t because this is the best time of your life. Ask any couple around you and he/she will give you the same advice. This doesn’t mean that relationships aren’t good, they are but singlehood is the best! You get complete space, time and the list goes on when you are single. Here are 10 funny and true reasons that will make you feel that singlehood is the best time of your life. 

  • My Life, My Rules

You don’t have to think about what the other one says, how he/she reacts in any situation. So you get a chance to live a free life without thinking much.

  • No Sharing 

This means no sharing of bed, TV and food. Funny but true! You can only enjoy this thing till you are single. Once in a relationship, you will have to share everything.  

  • Can Ignore Grooming

You don’t have to run to a salon every 2nd day when you are single! It’s your choice about when to get a haircut, shave your body and so on. But when in a relationship, you have to be very presentable all the time. 

  • Cleaner Surroundings 

Everyone has different habits, some like being organized some don’t! So the conclusion is, your house might be cleaner when you are single. Plus, there will be no argument about creating the mess. 

  • No Drama

The best thing about being single is that you have to face no tantrums. When in a relationship, one keeps on planning about dates and gifts to make the other 1 happy. 

  • 0 Expectations

You just have to think about what makes you happy. No one will expect effort or time from you. Neither will you expect anything from anyone. The end result will be that you’ll be happy always. 

  • Independent Decisions 

Whether it is a family get-together or a party you have to with friends, you can always prioritize things on your own. Similarly, you can take any life decision on your own without thinking that what other 1 would feel like. You don’t have to be answerable to anyone in this case. 

  • Me Time 

Taking out me time is very important, you will be able to focus on whatever you want in life completely. Whether it is working out or reading or meditating or whatever. But when you are in a relationship, this thing gets difficult. 

  • No Sleep Stress

A person’s routine gets a little disturbed when in a relationship. You will try to wake up and sleep according to your partner’s preferences. This will eventually result in disturbed sleep. 

  • More Confident 

When you are single, you will be more confident about yourself. There will be no space for self-doubt and all these things will result in a better you.