10 Best Housewarming Gifts they will Love to Use 

A housewarming party, also known as Grah Pravesh or Muhrat is an auspicious and traditional celebration that takes place when someone shifts to a new home in India. The host organizes a party to show their new house to all their friends and relatives. It’s a good gesture to congratulate someone on their new beginning with a special gift. So, here are the top 10 housewarming gifts that someone would surely keep in their place.

  1. A Fresh Green Plant 

A plant can be a perfect housewarming gift for your dear one. When choosing which one to buy you can take the money tree in an option that brings wealth or bamboo that brings luck. A rubber plant is another good option that brings happiness. Such plants will bring positive energy to the new home.  

  1. Unique Name Board

The entrance of a house/room is incomplete without a beautiful name board. So, you can either buy an elegant name board for the main entrance or particularly for your dear one’s room. There are many graceful name board designs nowadays some of them come with characters printed, some with a kid’s theme, some with string art and so on. You can shop this from Zwende, a brand that makes customized name boards.  

  1. Customized Night Lamp

Personalized gifts are touching and people love to save them. You can gift a personalized night lamp to the couple who has invited you to the housewarming party. These lamps usually come with customized text over them. The person who receives it would love lighting it up. 

  1. Bed Linen & Comforter Set 

A bedsheet and comforter set is something of good use in a new house. Buy them in shining silk cloth or pure cotton as they both feel nice and have superior quality. 

  1. Personalized Cushion

Let your friend adorn their bed with a special cushion. Buy a customized cushion with a printed photo for them. Create a sweet memory by getting them this unique gift. 

  1. Aroma Diffuser & Set of Scented Candles

The new house should always smell good, right? So, gift your dear one a beautiful aroma diffuser with some essential oils and let them decorate it in their living area. A set of scented candles is another thing that looks very pretty and smells amazing. 

  1. Fresh Flower Bouquet 

Carry a lovely fresh flower bouquet in your hands to congratulate your friend on the new beginning. Gentle flowers make the best housewarming gift that a person loves to decorate around them. 

  1. Showpiece 

Everyone loves decorating their new house with fancy showpieces as they simply enhance the look. You can buy a mandala art wall decor plate set or a graceful side table vase. Hand-embroidered dream catchers are another thing that looks very classy. Buy such exclusive products from brands like Home Centre, Pure Living, Nestasia, Mora Taara, The Tassel Life and Ekam. 

  1. Customized Wine Glasses

You can shop for a set of 2 wine glasses that come with personalized text or images. A person can decorate them in their bedroom/bar/crockery almirah and use them when they plan to have a romantic date night at home. 

  1. Chocolate Bouquet or Gift Basket 

Celebrations are complete with sweets, indeed! So a chocolate bouquet or gift hamper can be a good gifting option to carry at a housewarming party. Congratulate them with some sweet chocolates.