5 Romantic Dinner Places in Mumbai

Mumbai is known for having a thriving nightlife and some of the most luxurious eating choices. A candlelight dinner is one of the most well-liked romantic events for couples. Many restaurants in Mumbai provide a romantic atmosphere and delicious food to set the tone for a perfect evening. Here are five romantic candlelight dinner restaurants in Mumbai that you and your special someone must visit.

1. Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue is a rooftop restaurant with a panoramic view of the city. The restaurant is well-known for its delectable European and Mediterranean food. The ambiance is perfect for a romantic evening, with dimly lit candles, cozy seats and terrace view. With your significant other, you can have a candlelit dinner outside beneath the stars.

2. Toco

Toco is a rooftop restaurant with a stunning view of the skyline of the city. The overall look of the restaurant is modern, with cozy lighting and comfortable seats. Mexican and Asian cuisines are among the options on the menu. With candles lit and relaxing music playing in the background, the setting is great for a romantic evening.

3. The Flying Saucer

An intimate restaurant like The Flying Saucer is perfect for a special occasion. With warm lighting and comfy seating, the interior design is simple and elegant. The restaurant’s Continental cuisine, which offers a variety of food to pick from, is its specialty. It’s the ideal setting for a romantic dinner, with the candles and soothing music playing in the background.

4. Chillin’ Kitchen & Bar

The Chillin’ Kitchen & Bar is a perfect location for a romantic candlelight dinner. The atmosphere of the restaurant is stylish and up-to-date with a combination of modern and traditional design. There are many different foods on the menu, including Asian, Continental, and Indian options. A romantic ambiance is created by soothing music and softly lit candles, making it perfect for a relaxing evening with your significant other.

5. Rike – Terrace Bar and Grill

A romantic dinner can be enjoyed in an elegant aura at Rike-Terrace Bar. The restaurant’s outside terrace has city views, making it a perfect location for a candlelight evening. Italian, Chinese, and North Indian cuisines are among the selections on the menu. The decoration is simple and discreet, with softly lit candles providing an intimate ambiance.

Mumbai has several candlelight dinner places that offer a perfect ambiance and delectable cuisine for a romantic evening. Out of the Blue, Rike-Terrace Bar and Grill, The Flying Saucer, Chillin’ Kitchen & Bar, and Toco are some of the best restaurants to visit for a candlelight dinner in Mumbai. So, surprise your partner with a romantic evening at one of these restaurants and make memories that you will cherish forever.

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