Couples Quiz: How Well Do You Know Them?

Here is a quick test for all the couples! Play this couple game with your partner and find out how your relationship is. Whether you are dating or married, playing this quiz game will be complete fun. People usually think that they already know everything about their partner, but this cannot be completely true. There is always something new that one gets to know with time.

Play it on a free Sunday as it is a quirky game that you both will like. This quiz will be like a fun and quick test of your relationship in which you will find how much you know each other. You will also get to know about new and interesting things.

You will need a pen and paper each to play this game. Write your name on the top and make 3 columns on the sheet with respective headings:

  1. Question Number
  2. Answer
  3. Result 

Now, read questions from here and start writing the answers. Once you both are done with this Q&A session, exchange your answer sheets and let your partner check it with a right tick or wrong cross beside every question. The conclusion is written after the questions below. Make sure that you don’t force your partner to answer every question they are hesitant about, try to give them some space if needed as this is just for fun.

Couple Quiz Questions

Q1. How long have you been together exactly?

Q2. Where did you 1st meet?

Q3. How many times do you expect him or her to text/call you in a day? 

Q4. Who apologises 1st? 

Q5. His or her favourite drink?

Q6. Some snack he or she loves to have?

Q7. What about his/her favourite movie?

Q8. 1 thing he or she loves to cook?

Q9. Adventure activities your partner likes?

Q10. Their favourite hobby?

Q11. Have they achieved their life ambitions?

Q12. Do you know about his/her family?

Q13. Have you met their friends?

Q14. The number of relationships he/she has been in?

Q15. Thoughts on marriage and family planning?

Q16. A thing that you feel is missing from your relationship?

Q17. What’s their love language, efforts or touch? 

Q18. Is attraction present between you 2? 

Q19. Do you enjoy getting intimate with them? If yes, who initiates more?

Q20. During intimate situations, what is their biggest turnoff? 

Time for conclusion

12 or less correct answers: Don’t worry about this result. You both are still in the growing phase of the relationship, where you both have to know more about each other. Just make time to have some deep conversations that will help in better growth. 

12 to 15 correct answers: This means that you already know a lot about your partner and that’s great. There are just a few things that you will know when you have a better connection with each other. 

15 to 20 correct answers: You are the beat in their heart. Your relationship is like salt and pepper that are always together. Your curiosity to know each other better day by day has got you here. Best wishes for your future! 

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