Creative Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend

Are you someone who believes in equality? Remember the endless times when your boyfriend swept you away off your feet by arranging romantic and thoughtful surprises to celebrate your special days, your achievements at work, and otherwise? So, why not take the initiative this time and reciprocate by planning a birthday surprise for your boyfriend?  

If your boyfriend’s birthday is around the corner, it’s just the perfect opportunity to make the day more memorable for him. Read along to discover some of the exquisite ideas for romantic surprises for your boyfriend’s birthday. 

Glittery Birthday Surprise

Is your boyfriend a fan of glitters, and glamours? Then, a glittery birthday surprise is probably the perfect idea for room decoration for a birthday surprise for your boyfriend. If you are a pro at decorations and party planning, take out your creative hats and turn the day cherish-worthy for him. However, if you are falling short of creative birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend, we at TogetherV are here to lend you a helping hand. If you have been too busy at work and unable to dedicate the time you would want to make the day the best day of his life, you can always rely on the TogetherV team to take care of the entire gamut of birthday surprise plans for your boyfriend. 

We at TogetherV bring to you an exquisite range of designs when it comes to glittery surprises. Essentially, our decor ideas will include colourful helium balloons, radiant light decorations, and a host of other minute accessories to just carve out the perfect birthday vibe. No matter if the party is at his place, your place, or anywhere else, you can trust us to get all the arrangements done seamlessly. We are well-known for having great attention to detail when it comes to making the occasion look up! 

Beardo Balloon Bouquet

Who says balloons are only for kids of a certain age? If you are thinking including balloons in the birthday party decor theme for your boyfriend will be weird or seem out of place, you can’t be farther from the truth. 

No matter how much masculine vibe your boyfriend may exude, there is always that little boy within who is wishing to break free. Why not bring his childhood memories back with some balloon decor arrangements. To spice it up a bit, you can opt for a beardo balloon bouquet from TogetherV that your boyfriend is going to fall in love with. 

Floral Heart

Flowers are only meant for the lovely ladies – do you have this notion as well? Yes, the truth is you won’t be making it weird for your boyfriend by making floral arrangements for his birthday. Everyone including men adore the sight, aesthetic and smell of flowers, and floral arrangements are just going to boost the romantic vibes up by several notches.


floral heart

For some reason, if you are away from your boyfriend on his birthday, don’t fret! With TogetherV, you can always deliver a floral heart to his home or at his work. We bet that will be a welcome surprise for him, and garner a lot of attention from all around him as well. Your boyfriend is just gonna bask in all the attention! 

Don’t even think for a minute that it will be a cliche. String along your heart, love, and fascinating emotions and express them with an exotic floral heart arrangement. 

Sparkling Love Bouquet 

Have you both been away for a while? Then, his birthday is just the perfect occasion for you to fly in and celebrate the day together. Don’t worry about the familiarity of the city, and not knowing how to make the arrangements in an unknown city. We at TogetherV are just a click away! Get in touch with us, convey your thoughts on the birthday ideas, and we will make sure to transform your imagination into reality. 

Rekindle the love and romance with him with a perfectly stringed sparkling love bouquet made of red and white glossy balloons. We go all out to make the day cherish-worthy for both of you with intimate decor themes in your premises. 

Explore the Uncharted Territory 

We all have that one secret wish – “someday I want to do this”. It’s very natural for your husband to have his wish too. If you have been privy to his wish, make an effort, and see how you can pave the way for the fulfilment of his wish. If he wishes to visit some place, make the necessary arrangements, of course, you have to plan ahead of the birthday. 

Give Him a Family Surprise 

Often, study, work, and a host of other obligations take us away from our families. We keep pining over their absence, especially on special occasions. And, birthday is one of the most important days of one’s life. Plan on flying in his parents or siblings for a surprise visit on his birthday. We bet, you are going to be rewarded heartily. 

Be His Personal Chef 


Have you heard of the famous saying – “the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach”? Yes, it’s true! So, on his special day, plan on being a personal chef for him, and cook some of his fav dishes. It can’t be more gratifying for him to relish some of the home-cooked delicacies, and will go a long way in strengthening your bond. This is essentially one of the highly creative birthday plans for boyfriend to celebrate his birthday. 

Candlelight Dinners 

Remember the numerous occasions when he took you out for a memorable candlelight dinner? Now, it’s time for you to reciprocate. Candlelight dinners have something of a vibe that sets sparks flying around. It is more of a cozy, and intimate arrangement where there is high scope for both of you to get even closer. Pick out his favourite restaurant, make reservations ahead of time to avoid the last-minute hassle, and take him on a blind date. He is surely going to be surprised, and touched by your gesture. Trust the team at TogetherV to make all the arrangements.

candle light dinner

It’s not necessary that you will have to step out of home for candlelight dinners. Home, the place you both share, which is a keen witness of your sweet, and sour moments, could just be the right place to set up a candlelight dinner plan on your boyfriend’s birthday. We will be more than glad to lend you a helping hand in making all the in-home candlelight dinner arrangements. 

Lead Him on a Merry Chase 

Heard of the maze chase games that most kids love to play? Yes, sometimes it’s just the thrill of the chase that keeps your spirits afloat. Welcome your boyfriend home with a set of cues carefully planned to lead him to his birthday surprise set. Be aware, the more intriguing the chase will be the more will be the surprise quotient. 

Balloon Bouquet Delivery 


balloon bouqet

Not being present on his special day at times may seem unthinkable. But you never know what fate has in store for you. In case you are not able to celebrate together, you can always opt for balloon bouquet delivery to his home or office. We at TogetherV have our presence across all major cities in India. So, no matter where your boyfriend is residing, we can help you make the day more memorable by delivering a balloon bouquet. 

Rooftop Dining 

Everyone loves to be on top of the world (if not claustrophobic). So, the thought of rooftop outdoor dining just the apt plan to add some semblance of excitement on his birthday. You can pick out a restaurant setting or plan it all at your home terrace. Either cook the delicacies or get them delivered for the eve. Spread it all out on a round table, watch the sunset over the horizon with him, and relive some moments of unadulterated love, and passion.  

Are you looking for more creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend? Don’t hesitate to get an expert opinion. We at TogetherV are available to you with just a few clicks.