Foil balloons or latex balloons-know which to choose

Are you confused about choosing the best decoration for a party? Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary or any occasion, the decoration needs to be elegant to create a party feel. Nowadays, people prefer choosing decor that has foil balloons rather than latex balloons. Some of them also get a customized decor done in which a mix of both balloons is made. You surely want every guest to appreciate the decor and so here we are to help you in choosing the right decor. 

Why you should choose a foil balloon decor:

  1. Foil balloons last longer. They have a life of at least five days. Most of them look good even after 2 weeks.
  2. You can get a very creative decor done if you choose foil balloons as they come in various shapes. Some of them are heart, star, letter and numeric foil balloons. You can even get printed foil balloons that are good for theme parties. 
  3. They look very appealing as they have a shine factor in them. 

These were some advantages of choosing a foil balloon decoration. But, there are some disadvantages too. Foil balloons are a little expensive and they cannot be recycled. 

On the other hand, if you choose a latex balloon decoration you will save money and get a huge quantity of these at a minimal price. Hence, these are affordable. Latex balloons are bio-degradable too, but you won’t get unique shapes like stars and so. Also, these balloons have a very short life. 

It’s true that no party feels like a party without balloons. If you are planning to organize a huge event where you will require balloons in a vast quantity then choosing latex balloons will be better as it will be reasonable. Otherwise, if you are planning a birthday or anniversary surprise in which you require a simple decoration at home then you can go for foil balloons. A mix of both also looks good but it all depends on your budget and requirement. 

You can even get a balloon decoration done by us, just explore our website and choose the decor you like the most. We even do customized balloon decorations. Our team of experts will implement the decoration well before the time with perfection. You can rely on us for your upcoming event.