How to know if someone likes you: 5 Signs

Has someone caught your attention? Does their walk, their smile, their nature, their sense of humour impress you? If so, then it might be certain that you are interested in that person. But, how to know if they like you back? Here are 5 signs that someone is interested in you. Notice them, before confessing your feelings! 

  1. Body language

You will notice that the person pays complete attention to whatever you say. He or she walks beside you, makes frequent eye contact, passes smile. But you will also notice that sometimes they stammer in front of you due to nervousness. Whenever you both are together, they make minimal use of their phone. They will try to find silly excuses to see you almost every day. 

  1. The Little things 

He or she will remember almost every conversation, every moment that connects you both. Plus, they will also notice your small details, your likes, interests and then they will try to take care of them. For example, your favourite colour, favourite snack, favourite movie and so on. They will always be curious to know about you. 

  1. Conversations 

You will notice that they often try to initiate conversations. Even talking silly makes sense with that person. Sometimes, you both indulge in midnight deep conversations too. You both are never bored of talking to each other. 

  1. The touch

You will find that their touch is very pleasant and pleasing. Their handshake, their hugs will not make you feel uncomfortable. The light touch indicates that the person likes you. 

  1. They copy you

Yes, they copy the way you talk, the way you walk. They will also copy your facial expressions to make fun of you. All their focus will be on you! 

If you have noticed all this, then there is a high possibility that someone likes you. So, before it gets too late, too confusing, too complicated, just convey your feelings and start something exciting together. Sometimes, people find soulmates in friends! And you are lucky if you think you have found one too!