Know the safest way to discard foil balloons

Foil balloons have been in trend for a long time. People choose foil balloon decorations over simple decorations as there is a lot of creativity that can be done with them. You will find numeric, letter, printed foil balloons easily in different sizes and colours. Nowadays, character foil balloons are also used to set a theme in kids birthday parties. Commonly, foil balloons are also known as mylar balloons. No anniversary celebration or birthday party celebration or so is complete without balloon decorations. When choosing the decor theme, people opt for foil balloon decorations. This must-have happened with you too. But, do you know the safest way to dispose of foil balloons? If you are organizing a home surprise with balloon decoration at home itself, you must know what should be done with the foil balloons. 

For basic knowledge, foil balloons have a metallic coating that is made from nylon. They are also known as metallic balloons as they have a lustre in them. These balloons are non-biodegradable so you should not leave them free in the air as that might result in pollution. But, the good thing is that if kept properly they can be reused. It doesn’t matter that you have air-filled foil balloons or helium foil balloons, the steps for disposal are the same. 

If you wish to reuse them:

  1. Carefully insert a straw in the balloon flap. 
  2. Try not to harm the edges. 
  3. Let the helium out of the balloon. 

Once deflated, you will notice that the balloon becomes flat. Now, separate all the foil balloons using a sheet and make sure you do not fold them while keeping them as it might lead to cracks. Whenever you wish to reuse them, just inflate them again using a straw. 

If you wish to discard them:

Just cut the used foil balloon in any way and let the helium or air out. Throw the waste in the dustbin. But always make sure that you do not leave the balloon free in the air without deflating.