Steps to make a Balloon Bouquet at home

A balloon bouquet is indeed the most presentable gift available nowadays that can be given on any occasion. There are many different kinds of balloon bouquets available depending on the occasion and relation. Love balloons bouquet, flower balloons bouquet, anniversary bouquet and happy birthday bouquet are the most common ones. 

Let us help you in making an adorable balloon bouquet for any upcoming occasion. Follow these simple DIY steps to make a balloon bunch on your own. But before you start, shop for all the required items. Here is a list of decoration items you will need.

  • Balloons of your choice, foil balloons or printed balloons or confetti balloons or latex balloons or a mix of all in any colour that you like can be used. You can also buy a bobo balloon for a better look. They should all be medium in size. 
  • Helium balloon inflator
  • Curling ribbon or plain ribbon
  • Paperweight or a centrepiece
  1. Inflate all the balloons with helium gas using a helium balloon inflator. Make sure that you do not overinflate the balloon. 
  2. Tie the end of every balloon using a ribbon to make the balloon string. 
  3. Position all the balloons according to the length of the balloon strings. Cut some strings short and some long, depending on the look you like. 
  4. Now, tie all the loose ends of different strings together. Once done, tie its knot with the paperweight or centrepiece. 

Your balloon bouquet is ready! Place this beautiful balloon bunch in a corner of your living room and let it enhance the look of your interior. If you have any other balloon bouquet idea then you can implement it in the same way. Next time on any occasion try to make a balloon bouquet on your own. All the items required for making are easily available too. If it feels tough, then order balloon bouquet online from here. We will be glad to do the balloon bouquet delivery online.