Unique Tips For Proposing On Her Birthday

No matter how old you are, a birthday always brings a smile to the heart. It is a very special day for everybody. And the celebration doubles when this day marks a place in your love life too. So, the gifts, when you are blessed in so many ways on this particular day, take some time out and express your gratitude for the immense blessing showered upon you.

Getting a proposal makes you feel ecstatic and when it is the marriage proposal; definitely it becomes a life-changing one.

Be relaxed and cool, because panic might spoil things. Keep your fuzzy brain right on track and wait for that moment to happen in your life. But, yes, certain things need to be kept in mind which will make things fall in the right place.

1. The Location:

You can plan a romantic long-drive date on her birthday and propose to her amidst a beautiful location. Even pre-booking a restaurant with a romantic setup is a good option. Candlelight dinners always feel classy and romantic. If you want to plan a proposal at your home, get some romantic decorations done in advance like a cosy cabana and more. The right thing done in a special way at the perfect location adds a lot to the final result. Your love and desire to make their birthday special will create a magical moment.

2. The Love Letter

Pen down the feelings of your heart and envelope them beautifully! Before you hand it over to her, read the message loudly while getting on your knees with the ring in your other hand. Hand-written letters express your heartfelt feelings in the most beautiful way! They can always be kept along making a precious gift of love and memory!

3. The Cake:

So if you are ordering a cake for her, select the design that surprises your partner and gives her a clue about what is going to happen the very next moment. But make sure not to put the proposal ring inside the cake. The ring can either be given directly or inside the glass of wine that you have ordered during her birthday surprise.

4. The Gifts:

Gifts make proposals memorable! So, order a romantic red rose bouquet with a card beforehand to show that romantic part of yours. You can also add a ring box with a beautiful ring to her surprise gifts. Choose a gorgeous design that she will love in a single glance. 

But, don’t just end your birthday presents with all these. The normal birthday gifts should not be ignored at any cost. It is always a pleasure to open several gifts, and when you have the right chance to do it, don’t miss it at any cost. So, make sure you include gifts like a dress, perfume, a necklace, a chocolate bouquet, a personalized cushion and more to make her smile. Make sure the packaging is done nicely and the things don’t get misplaced or torn apart. 

5. Early Birthday Plan:

So if your girl is into some work and already has some commitment at her workplace on the day of her birthday, don’t be disheartened. You always have the option of celebrating it earlier. A surprise in this manner will make the upcoming birthday even more special and by the date comes; your lady love will be one step ahead to be yours forever. So, choose the location, and plan a surprise beforehand to win her heart!

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