• Stress test your teamwork and unleash the C.I.D. detectives within you to solve real-life escape room game in 60 minutes! Use the intuition of your partner, your instincts to overcome a challenging task. Choose among the any of the 2 games at the venue. Also, you can add flower shower for your anniversary surprise, hide gifts for husband’s birthday, or fill the room with balloons for your friends or kid’s birthday!
  • If you add flower shower, as part of the game, one of the game clues requires you to do certain actions, that cause the roof to breakdown - showering flowers! We can also make a small custom movie of your fun memories (pictures) for a birthday/anniversary surprise. Other customizations include adding more people, filling the room with balloons, cake. The customisations can be added to the next screen. As for the games, you can choose them at the venue.

What we'll provide:

  • A 60 minute game


  • You can make a message (birthday wish, “I still love you”, family joke) and a gift part of the game. Just give your gift to the venue & they will place it as a surprise in the game
  • Add some surprises to the game such as flower shower, short custom made movie conveying your wishes, or fill the room with balloons. You can add invite more friends, family for the game. Add all these customisations from the addons section

Where we'll be:


Monday10 AM to 09 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 09 PM
Thursday10 AM to 09 PM
Saturday07 AM to 09 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 09 PM
Sunday10 AM to 09 PM
Friday10 AM to 09 PM