A Rundown By Us:

  • Romantic dates are the way to express your love for the most important person you have in your lives. But not every phase and time is suitable for romantic dates, sometimes you need to take some time for the activities which will give you thrilling experience and will surely bring you two close.
  • With our adventure pack, we provide you an offer in which you can have all those memorable moments with your partner which you were willing to have a very long time. A nice 15-minute ride on a Quad bike will be offered, you can ride through the huge and wide field and can enjoy this rare ride. Paintball is again another stress relieving game which you would love to play to through some stress out of your mind, go ahead with your 50 balls.

What we'll provide:

  • Quad Bike 200CC (15 minutes)
  • Paint Ball 50 Balls
  • Choose Any 7 below these
  • Low Rope Course (1 Round )
  • Body Zorbing (10-15 Min)
  • Archery 10 Arrows
  • Zipline (1 Round)
  • Bungee Elastic Run (10-15 Minutes)
  • Rock Climbing & Rappelling (1 Round)
  • Cricket Bowling Machine (3 Overs)
  • Land Zorbing Ball (1 Round 1 Person)
  • Roller Zorbing (10-15 Min)
  • Sumo Suit (10-15 Min)
  • Mini Golf 6 Holes
  • Skateboarding/Roller Skating (30 Min)


  • Parking is available at the venue

Where we'll be: