A Rundown By Us:

  • Express your love by gifting your loved one an epic photo frame! This is a picture made out of several smaller, hundreds of pictures! From a distance the big picture looks great, and up close you can spend hours looking at the smaller enjoyable photos
  • Once you’ve booked this experience, you will receive a mail with instructions on how you can share your photos. We need a soft copy of 1 photo that want to you be the main picture and lots (up to 300) small photo. More the merrier. A designer will then use your photos and her creativity to turn them into your magical “Picture of Pictures”!

What we'll provide:

  • Designer collects your pictures (up to 50-100)
  • Converts them into a creative collage that forms a big picture
  • Printing on A3 (approx 12 inch * 18 inch) big canvas
  • Synthetic wood frame
  • Delivery by courier


  • You can upgrade to a bigger sizes - XXL (approx. 20 x 30 inch) & XXL (approx. 30 X 40 inch) and get the picture frame gift wrapped
  • Pictures will be taken after the booking via Google drive link shared over email
  • Frame will be delivered at least 2 days after the pictures are shared
  • Before booking kindly Call/Chat for the availability