A Rundown By Us:

  • Experience the ultimate flight of luxury onboard a helicopter. Whisk your partner away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi to an idyllic location where you can take the time to connect over a sumptuous meal.
  • Once you are aboard your chopper you will leave all the traffic and worries far, far below, as you reach your desired destination in about an hour.

What we'll provide:

  • Price is for a couple
  • Cake in the Helicopter
  • Ballon Decor in the Helicopter
  • Chopper fly time of 60 minutes


  • Experience can be highly tailored for your occasion - will arrange a callback to hear your needs
  • Proposal messages such as an aerial view of “marry me” can be arranged
  • Before booking kindly Call/Chat for the availability
  • Pick and drop not included
  • Lunch not included


Monday11 AM to 04 PM
Tuesday11 AM to 04 PM
Wednesday11 AM to 04 PM
Thursday11 AM to 04 PM
Friday11 AM to 04 PM
Saturday11 AM to 04 PM
Sunday11 AM to 04 PM

Guest Reviews:

Average user rating:

4.7/ 5


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Shivaank Verma
June 22, 2018
24 days ago
I really enjoyed the panoramic views of Delhi and it's beautiful regions from your armchair in the sky. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience and I would suggest everyone to experience it once.

Prajakta Kohli
June 14, 2018
33 days ago
It was a fantastic experience for us after having an amazing day with my partner, we flew back to Delhi and had pondered some unforgettable memories.

Qasim Khan
June 11, 2018
35 days ago
It was truly an ultimate flight of luxury. I am looking forward to experience it once again.

Santosh Kumar
June 4, 2018
42 days ago
As we were away from hustle and bustle of Delhi to an idyllic location It was really a surprise for me and My Partner as this was our Chopper Ride.