• How often does it happen when you are out travelling exploring places and stunned by Nature's beauty so much, you crave staying for real?
  • There is no cheaper therapy than basking in the glory of Mother's Nature. Merely witnessing its spectacular landscapes, teak forest, shrouded mountains, lush green beauty heals one body and soul.


  • Camp stay on the double & triple basis with common toilet
  • API Meal plan. Snacks in the Evening.
  • 16 kilometer river rafting from Shivpuri to Rishikesh
  • Games during camping like Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket etc
  • Evening Bonfire with music (Weather dependent)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Trekking 2 km
  • 2 Day & 1 Night Stay Included

Need to Know:

  • Please carry your safety gear and first aid boxes along.



Tuesday01 AM to 11 PM
Sunday01 AM to 11 PM
Monday01 AM to 11 PM
Wednesday01 AM to 11 PM
Friday01 AM to 11 PM
Thursday01 AM to 11 PM
Saturday01 AM to 11 PM