A Rundown By Us:

  • You don’t need a special occasion, just plan a different evening for your partner and maybe friends and family! Set-up a big screen movie evening! And don’t forget those finer details - candles, wine, and decorations.
  • The movie is screened on a projector and widescreen in your garden, living room or terrace! The projector will be delivered to your house and picked up after 12 hours (next morning in most cases).

What we'll provide:

  • Projector and a movie screen with delivery & pickup at your location
  • Flower petal decoration
  • Decorated 50 candles


  • Candles will have to be lit by you, in general they last for 6 hours
  • You can add finer details such as guitarist and balloon decorations using customizations
  • Mac (apple laptop) connectors are not available at all locations. Please let us know in advance if you want to connect the projector to a mac system.
  • If you choose to add balloon decoration, they will be air filled and not helium
  • Before booking kindly Call/Chat for the availability