• Hey, you lovebirds, make the flight of love. Feel the freedom of soaring in the sky and enjoy the mesmerizing aerial views.
  • The experience starts with you and your special one arriving at the Westin, Gurgaon. From there you are taken to the open area, i.e. your take-off zone, and it’s time to get cracking! You meet your pilot and get to know about his passions and memorable flights.


  • Cost is for a Couple
  • Flight planning and safety briefing
  • 10 minutes of paramotor flying

Need to Know:

  • Best enjoyed around sunset and sunrise time
  • Before booking kindly Call/Chat for the availability



Monday05 AM to 07 PM
Tuesday05 AM to 07 PM
Wednesday05 AM to 07 PM
Thursday05 AM to 07 PM
Friday05 AM to 07 PM
Saturday05 AM to 07 PM
Sunday05 AM to 07 PM