A Rundown By Us:

  • Thrill activities are always very important for those people who want to forget the hassles and problems of their real life for some time. It is to be said that thrill activities can actually divert your mind from real tension and save you from taking too much stress on your nerves.
  • Polo is one of the people's favorite thrilling activity in which they find immense pleasure and tend to forget their pains. This activity is not only for those who want a change and want to enjoy for some time or release stress but this activity is also very useful for those who love animals. You will get to connect with a horse build your relationship with that peaceful and harmless animal so that you can enjoy your time playing and loving it.

What we'll provide:

  • Horse Riding & Polo for a couple (90min)
  • Professional instructor for Riding session and Polo training
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Photoshoot with props at the ranch


  • You don’t need to have prior background of horse riding for this experience.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Feel free to invite your friends and their partners

Where we'll be: