Surprise your lady love with the beautiful decoration of your wedding room on the day of your marriage. What’s more dreamy than entering a room that is fully decorated with red heart-shaped balloons, fairy lights and more? Let this dream come true with our varied options of romantic room decorations in Mumbai. The fragrance of rose petals, the decoration of balloons and more will beautify the room to make it perfect for your first night.


For a wedding room decoration, we make beautiful patterns with flower petals on the floor. Along with that, we use helium and chrome balloons too. Plus, to give you both a completely intense feel, we also make a white net curtain canopy. Surprise your wife with a beautiful room decoration at home on the day of your wedding. Such decorations are perfect for couples on their first night or honeymoon trip. This can also be a perfect surprise for wife on the anniversary.


Just give us a call and let TogetherV help you with decorations. Impress her with a simple yet pleasing decoration and make your first night memorable. The excitement for this special night lies in its name itself.


So, if you are looking for a honeymoon room decoration or a romantic room decoration in Mumbai, then give us a chance to help you.