The 4 lettered word cake is the only thing that can add bliss and sweetness to any celebration from mother's day to anniversary and all. We all have been following the pre-set trend of cutting a cake on birthdays, new years eve and so as it is the most exciting element in the whole day.


We at TogetherV have a great variety of cakes for different occasions. Nowadays, the most trending is either the fondant theme cake or a pinata cake. So, if you are looking for such cakes then we have many like unicorn cake, doll cake, rainbow cake, gems cake, gym cake and many more. We also provide an option of them being eggless or egged.


Combining a cake with something creative can be a good gifting idea, so here at TogetherV we have come up with cake combos. These combos have an appealing look as they have balloons decorated over the tasteful cake. And guess what's more? These balloons can be customized, as in, you can get confetti or helium or love balloon placed as per your choice. This combination makes it a perfect gift for any celebration.