A Rundown By Us:

  • Fun activities are always good for relations as they help you make your bond stronger and longer. The adventurous activities sometimes bring that child out of you that was stuck deep down there in your heart for a very long time.
  • Every childhood that memory of an airplane where they have seen it flying high in the sky and pointing towards it with enthusiasm and thinking about if you could pilot that plane.

What we'll provide:

  • 8-10 mins flying time in a fun 2 seater aircraft in Jakkur
  • Pilot fee
  • Entry to the venue
  • Flight planning and safety briefing
  • Aircraft cockpit & flying principles training


  • Photo ID Proof
  • Report 30 minutes prior to the allotted flight slot
  • In a microlight aircraft, only ONE person can be allowed to fly with the captain/pilot at a time
  • You can add more more fun - flying time on the next customisations screen. Additional flying time can not be added at flying school as flights are planned in advance
  • In case of bad weather (generally around monsoons), your booked slot might have to be rescheduled
  • TogetherV has partnered with a responsible partner with good safety record. However TogetherV is not responsible for any indemnity against any loss

Where we'll be: