Activities are meant for everyone, from kids to adults. Where some enjoy horse riding some enjoy a clay-pottery session, all depending on personal likings. Weekends are meant to be spent with family so plan a weekend outing with all your cousins and family members. Pre-book the tickets for the activities you all like the most and spend a fun time together.

Even if you are finding interesting ways to spend time with your partner, then indulging in adventurous activities can be a good idea for the 2 of you. Impress your partner with something apart from ordinary dinner or. movie dates. Go for a bumpy horse ride with him or her and enjoy the soothing view that surrounds you both. Mount up on the horseback and indulge in some deep conversations. Enjoy the ride by living in the present or making plans for the future. Get creative while dating by opting for a clay-pottery session. If any of you 2 is into sports, then get ready to get your hands on the golf stick as that facility is available too, every point you score will add happiness.

A helicopter ride is another activity where you both can enjoy! For this, you can plan a surprise for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Pre-book the tickets from our website and take them on a surprise date here. Watch the hills and greenery together from a good height. Ride between the clouds and pleasant air. 

How about playing a challenging mind and mystery game? Yes, we also have the tricky escape game that all of you can play together. Whether it's your cousins or friends or partner you plan to go with, these activities will always be fun. It's best that you all go together. Give a chance to your family and friends to be a part of such fun activities.

There are many options for you to choose from. Book your tickets now to spend a fun time together. Whether it's a mystery game you choose or a horse ride or a helicopter ride or a pottery session, everything will be fun. Just plan a weekend outing with all your dear ones and enjoy playing fun games in Bangalore. Book your tickets now from our website.