A Rundown By Us:

  • Dogs are considered as the most loyal animals on the earth and are also a man's best friend, many of us have these little furry angels as the part of our lives and we treat them as family and love them as our own children. But what when you people go out? You have to leave your precious gem back at home because many restaurants do not let people come with their pets.
  • Do you also love your pets and want to company you two on your next date? Well, this is the opportunity you must not lose.

What we'll provide:

  • Decorated table with flowers and candles
  • Welcome drinks for 2
  • 3 Course continental meal - 1 Starter, 2 mains, 2 desserts (to be selected from ala carte menu)
  • Therpup Badges (souvenir)
  • Free meal for the dog (if couples bring their dog along)


  • The dogs are vaccinated, trained & friendly - safe to play with kids and adults

Where we'll be: