A Rundown By Us:

  • The hustle bustle of the city has now stolen all the charming moments from the lives of the lovers, in earlier days couples use to sit under the stars and sky and used to talk about a lot of things which they wanted to confess or to just show their love that how much do they love and care.
  • But these days air-conditioned ambiances and offices have taken place of those romantic moments and people do not get time to sit in the lap of nature and talk about each other.

What we'll provide:

  • Decorated table with candles and rose petals
  • Welcome mocktails for the couple
  • Choice of 3 course meal - 2 starters, 2 mains, unlimited breads and 2 desserts
  • Private butler
  • Cuisine-North Indian


  • Valet parking available at the venue
  • This is a vegetarian restaurant

Where we'll be: